University TEaching / curricula development

2019 June 24-27: Perm, Russian Federation, "Is Business Good or Bad for Human Rights?: Business and Human Rights in Light of the Sustainable Development Goals ”, Perm State  University (Пермский государственный университет), Human Rights Summer School.

2019 January - present, Rome, Italy, John Cabot University, teaching 'International Criminal Law', 'Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism', and 'Human Rights".

2018 December, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, RWI Visiting Professor in Advanced International Human Rights Law for 6 PhD students, Addis Ababa University Centre for Human Rights.

2018 July 2-6: Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation, Are human rights universal?: A critical look at national human rights implementation 70 years after the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, focussing on the rule of law”, Ural State Law University (Уральский государственный университет), Human Rights Summer School, held at the Legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk Oblast.


2018 April, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, RWI Visiting Professor in Advanced International Human Rights Law for 5 PhD students, Addis Ababa University Centre for Human Rights.

2018 April, Nairobi, Kenya, Visiting Professor teaching full course in International Humanitarian Law, Strathmore University.

2017-2019, Rome, Italy, Visiting Professor in International Relations and Global Politics, The American University of Rome, teaching 'International Law and Human Rights'.

2018 February 8: Rome, Italy, "How Does the International Community Use International Human Rights Law to Address Humanitarian Crises in Failed States?", Keynote Address to the Model United Nations, John Cabot University.

2018 February 7: Rome, Italy, "What is the European Union?: Functions and Structure in Historical Perspective", American University of Rome.

2010 - present: Lund, Sweden, Lund University Faculty of Law / Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Visiting Professor, taught ‘UN and regional human rights systems'.

2017 June 26: Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation, Lectures on the Rights of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons with Special Emphasis on Vulnerable Populations including Women and Children, Ural State Law University (Уральский государственный университет), Human Rights Summer School.

2017 April 25: Rome, Italy, Third Memorial Lecture for the late Professor James Walston, American University, on "What is Democracy without Human Rights or the Rule of Law?"

2016 October 9-22: Gweru / Mutare / Masvingo, Zimbabwe, Moderated Human Rights Curricular Development Workshop; Lecture on The Right to Liberty and Security of the Person and the UN Human Rights Committee’s General Comment 35 on Article 9 of the ICCPR (Midlands State University, Gweru), Lecture on “Human Rights, Peace-Keeping and Development (Africa University, Mutare), Lectures on "Globalization and Human Rights" and on “Monitoring, Investigating and Reporting on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Conflict and Post-Conflict Situations; panel discussion on “The International Law on Arrest and Detention and the Right Not to be Subject to Torture, Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment” (Great Zimbabwe University, Masvingo).

2016 July 4-9: Voronezh, Russian Federation, "Is it possible to conduct independent and objective human rights monitoring, investigation and reporting and if so, how?", at Human Rights Summer School, Voronezh State University.

2015 June 22-26: Kazan, Russian Federation, Lecture on monitoring of economic, social and cultural rights in conflict and post-conflict, at the Kazan Federal University Human Rights Summer School.

2014 January - December: Moscow, Russian Federation,OHCHR Expert Consultant to Develop Masters Curriculumon Human Rights Monitoring, Investigation and Reporting for

9 Russian Universities. Moscow and Home-Based.

2012 Spring: Rome, Italy, External Examiner, Loyola University of Chicago PROLAW program in Rome, Masters thesis supervision.

2012 November 5-9: Izmir, Turkey, Series of human rights classes at Dokuz Eylul University Law Faculty.

2012 October 22-26: Minsk, Belarus, Lectures in human rights at Belarusian State University / Belarusian National Technical University / Belarus State Economic University.

2012 April 30 to 4 May: Mutare, Zimbabwe, Africa University Human Rights Curricular Development.

2012 April 25-26: Izmir, Turkey, Dokuz Eylul University Human Rights Curricular Development.

2012 April 4: Rome, Italy, Loyola University Masters programme - "Human Rights" / "Transitional Justice".

2011 November 15-16: Konya, Turkey, Selcuk Univesity Human Rights Curricular Development.

2011 March 4: London, United Kingdom, Webster University Graduate Studies Programme at Regents College.

2011 February 14-18: Lund, Sweden, RWI Academic Curricular Development and Judicial Training.

2011 January 26-28: Geneva, Switzerland. "The Perils of Humanitarian Space Invaders ..." Webster University.

2011 January 10-12: Beirut, Lebanon, Beirut Arab University Human Rights Centre.

2010 December 12-16: Maputo, Mozambique, Eduardo Mondlane University Human Rights Centre.

2010 18-19 February: Geneva, Switzerland, "Is Climate Change Killing People in Darfur?", Webster University.

2009 December 7-9: Pretoria, South Africa, University of Pretoria, Strengthening the Master of Laws program in Human Rights.

2009 December 2-5: Minsk, Belarus, Belarus State University Lecture on UN Human Rights System.

2009 August 24-28: Maputo, Mozambique and Johannesburg, South Africa, Eduardo Mondlane University / University of Pretoria.

2008 November 21: Minsk, Belarus, Belarus State University Faculty of International Relations / Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2007 July 16-17: Strasbourg, France, International Institute of Human Rights, "International Criminal Law”.

2006 4-8 Sept: Bangkok, Thailand, Advanced International and Human Rights Masters Programs.

2006 May 22-23: Tokyo, Japan, International Course, United Nations University, "Legal and Political Analysis of Human Rights".

2006 February-March: Beijing, China, Visiting Professor, Peking University Law School, "The Rise and Development of International Human Rights Law Since 1945: Focus on the International Bill of Rights".

2005 December: Oslo, Norway, External Examiner, University of Oslo Faculty of Law on "Ethnic Challenges to the Nation State: Studying State Responses from a Human Rights Perspective".

2005 August - 2009 December: Sweden, Europe, Africa and Asia, Director of Research / Senior Lecturer, Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Taught International Civil and Political Rights, including European Convention on Human Rights and lectured in various courses of the International Masters programme in Sweden and abroad.

2005 15-16 July:  Strasbourg, France, International Institute of Human Rights, "International Criminal Law".

2005 June 8-10: Washington D.C., USA, Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, American University, lectures on regional human rights systems.

2005 May 23-24: Tokyo, Japan, United Nations University, “International Course on Legal and Political Analysis of Human Rights Organizations".

2004 April 2: Washington D.C., USA, Academy of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, American University.

2004 July 11-12: Strasbourg, France, International Institute of Human Rights, "International Criminal Law".

2004 May 24-25: Tokyo, Japan, International Course on UN Human Rights System, United Nations University.

2004 March: Bandung, Indonesia, Visiting Professor, Padjadjaran University Faculty of Law - Taught "Graduate Short Course in Human Rights", RWI and Human Rights Study Centre (PAHAM).

2003 July 7-8: Strasbourg, France, International Institute of Human Rights, NGOs in Human Rights Monitoring.

2003 March 20-21: Bangkok, Thailand, South East Advanced Programme on Human Rights (Mahidol University)

2002 and 2003 October-January: Geneva, Switzerland, University Centre for International Humanitarian Law Masters programme, Visiting Professor, Geneva Univ. Faculty of Law, "International Human Rights Law".

2002 December 5: Msida, Malta, Mediterranean Masters in Human Rights and Democratization.

2002 August 21: Helsinki, Finland, Eric Castrén Institute for International Law and Human Rights, University of Helsinki.

2002 August 20: Abo / Turku, Finland, Abo Akademi University Institute of Human Rights Advanced Course.

2002 June 19: Hong Kong, China, Santa Clara University Summer International Law Programme.

2002 April 22 April: Lund, Sweden, RWI Masters Programme in Human Rights.

2001 August - July 2005: Hong Kong, China, Director, Master of Laws (LLM) Programme in Human Rights (2001-2005) / Deputy Director, Centre for Comparative and Public Law (2001-2003) / Associate Professor, University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law, Taught "International and Regional Systems of International Human Rights Protection", "Human Rights: History, Theory and Politics", "International Criminal Law", "National Protection of Human Rights", "Economic, Social and Cultural Rights", and "Administrative Law Tutorials". PhD Supervisor on international human rights law and international criminal law.

2001 March 16-17: Geneva, Switzerland, University of Geneva Law Faculty, Panellist on "The International Criminal Court and Human Rights”.

1998 February: Helsinki, Finland, University of Helsinki Faculty of Law Visiting Lecturer, taught "International Crimes and Their Punishment", Socrates Intensive LLM Programme in European Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences.

1997-2001: Geneva, Switzerland, taught in the UN Geneva Graduate Study Programme.

1992 September - December: Montreal, Canada, Lecturer, McGill University Faculty of Law, taught "International Criminal Law".

1991 Sept - 1995: Ottawa, Canada, June 1995: Lecturer, Carleton University Department of Law, Honours Thesis Supervisor on International Law (1994-1995), Tutor, Directed Studies Course (1993-1994), "Public Int'l Law", "Philosophy of Law", "Legal Processes", "Private Law.